Technique Tuesday - The BENT OVER ROW

Technique Tuesday - The BENT OVER ROW


The bent-over row is an awesome back exercise that forces your whole body to work as one to successfully pull. When done properly you will hit your lats, rear delts, scapular muscles, biceps, grip, core stability, and even stability from the glutes and hamstrings! The bent-over row should be incorporated into all programs! Remember to always get the form down and move “Wright” first! Check out the common errors we see when an athlete or individual is performing the bent-over row. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Cue Reminders:

  1. Hands even on the bar
  2. Soft knees and push your butt back (like and RDL)
  3. When your chest in parallel with the ground
  4. Pull the bar in between your ribs and belly button
  5. Squeeze your whole back at the top
  6. Slow on the way down and fully extend your arms

 The regular grip will hit more of your upper back and rear delts while the underhand grip will target more of the mid-back.


DONT'S (Common Errors)

1. Round your back and shoulders forward

Don't round your back! Keep that spine neutral, not only is this best for your spine, but it also helps keep those shoulders healthy!!


2. Don't Stand Tall

Don't stand tall and row. It's not the worst thing, but standing tall and rowing hits more of your traps! Keep that core engaged, and try to get your chest parallel with the ground!  


3. Don't use momentum and rush


Usually, when someone uses momentum the weight is way to heavy for them to stabilize the bar. Using momentum takes away your back. It shortens the movement, and basically you miss the whole lift. If you want to get stronger and see that back grow then keep your core tight, glutes engaged with a neutral back. Now from there try not to move and focus on really pulling that bar up into your belly and squeeze. Hit that eccentric on the way down by slowly lowering it through the full range of motion! 

DONT LIFT WITH YOUR EGO! Do it right and you will see awesome results while staying healthy! 


Try these Progressions

You could try the Incline Row first as a starter exercise! This is so you can feel the squeeze in your back you are looking for. You want to pretend there is a pencil in between your scaps when you pull and squeeze you want to squeeze that pencil with your scaps as much as you can.

I would dive right into the exercise. Use the bar first or even a pair of dumbbells. You want to feel your core engaged with your glutes and hamstrings stabilizing. Staring lighter will allow you to feel the whole movement, and especially that big squeeze in your back! Start light then move “Wright”!


Check out future posts in "Training Programs" for proper loading variables! (Sets, reps, percentages)!