Climbing Rope 20&

Climbing Rope 20' x 1.5"

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The Wright Climbing Rope is a Manila Rope that is wound to 1.5" diameter. 
  • 16,000 lb breaking strength
  • Weight:  20 lbs

The improper use of rope MAY BE DANGEROUS


It is the user's responsibility to completely understand the safe use and operation of the rope being put into service for any specific or general task. The user needs to be aware of all environmental, load and any other variable factors that affect the safe use of rope. Failure to do so can cause personal injury and/or death as well as property and/or other environmental damage. The user of this rope assumes all such risks.

All natural fiber ropes must be stored in a clean dry place to maximize their safe working life. Synthetic ropes should also be stored long term in a cool, dry place. 3 strand ropes should be coiled or spooled up and braided products can be flaked or coiled in a bag or box if needed. (Ropes should not be stored outside) 

1 year warranty