Is it Time to Refresh Your Gym Equipment?

workout inside a gym with new fitness equipment

Spring arrives March 20th. No matter whether you're finishing up strong at the CrossFit Open, planning for Spring Break, or preparing for the Easter bunny now is a great time of the year to ask, is it time to refresh my gym's equipment?

If you're like many of our customers you are multiple years into operating your gym/box. You are making a difference in your client’s lives while transforming your own life through fitness and entrepreneurship. Just like in any business there is competition and while we recognize that fitness is a community, the purpose of your facility isn't just to say “well at least people are staying fit and healthy.” The sweet spot is that you want your passion of fitness to fuel your own goals of success and stability. That only happens if you have people training in your facility.

Equipment is one of the biggest investments in your business.  But as the equipment is used and often abused, there will come a time to refresh your equipment.

  1. You want your equipment to be solid and look good for your clients and certainly, you want your equipment to stand up to the workload it will receive.  Your clients and prospective clients want to see nice equipment with uniformity and functionality as they make the decision to invest in their health at your facility.
  2. You want your equipment to be strong and backed by great warranty by a company that stands behind their products.  If you are like most, if you can get your products to be made in the USA.
  3. You want an affordable price.  Let’s be clear, you are still running a business and the ROI is very important to the health of your business and family.  Like we mentioned earlier, you are passionate about the fitness industry, but your goal is to provide financially for yourself or family also.

Drum Roll…….

Wright Fitness Equipment

Here's why you should consider us for equipment:

  • Olympic Bars and Olympic Bumper Plates are the heart beat of our company.
  • We are 1 of 2 companies that make our bumpers in the USA.  And we are the only company in America that produces Barbells, Bumpers, and Fabricated Gym Equipment under one roof.
  • We offer customization! We have the ability to customize to barbells, racks, benches, GHDs, bumper plates and more with custom colors.  Not to mention adding logos on most of those items (sorry no logos on bumper plates!)
  • We offer some of the industries best warranties. We stand behind our products and we've been doing it that way since 1979.
  • We offer competitive (affordable) pricing. We know that sometimes the ultimate factor in choosing new equipment is price.  We have the ability to work with you on your budget to help you achieve your perfect gym or box.


We feel that you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our hunger for your business and our manufacturing expertise and see what we can offer.  So if your are looking to upgrade or even open a new facility you should check us out here at Wright Equipment.

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