Technique Tuesday - The DEADLIFT

Technique Tuesday - The DEADLIFT

The deadlift is an awesome compound movement used to strengthen the whole body! It challenges you to simultaneously activate and use multiple muscle groups! The deadlift is used mainly to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, upper back, and quads. When done right, it will improve strength, coordination, body control, increase muscle, and help improve athletic performance!


Cue Reminders:

1. Feet hip-width apart with the bar up against the shins! “Feel the steel!”

2. Hands even with a grip that you are comfortable with!

3. Arms locked out with your shoulders pulled back and your chest out!

4. Push the floor away and extend at the knees and hips together while keeping your spine neutral!

5. At the top keep your core tight and squeeze those cheeks!

6. On the way back down, push your hips back (hip hinge) and keep the bar pulled into your body at all times!



DONT'S (Common Errors)

1. Don't Jerk the bar off the ground or round the shoulders and back


From the ground, you want to get tight and pull smoothly!

Never round your shoulders or back. Squeeze the armpits and pull your scaps back and slightly down! Keep your chest slightly up! NEUTRAL SPINE!


  2. Don't extend your knees first

Extend together at the knees and hips! Squeeze those cheeks at the top!


3. Don't let your knees collapse inward

Push those knees outs to maximize your GLUTE engagement!


Try these Progressions

It is always important to get the movement pattern down then add properly loaded resistance. (Plates, bands, chains, etc)

Below are three simple deadlift progressions. Start out with a kettlebell, and when you master the hip hinge pattern you can progress to the hex bar deadlift! 

KB Deadlift



Hex bar Deadlift

The hex bar is an awesome tool to use when progressing children from a heavier kettlebell. It is also an awesome deadlift variation for those who have suffered from back injury! When you are comfortable with this variation progress to the straight bar (barbell)!


Straight bar Deadlift


There are many variations to the deadlift so remember to move "Wright" and then add the weight! With proper form, the deadlift can strengthen your athletes and help you reach your fitness goals fast!


Check out future posts in "Training Programs" for proper loading variables! (Sets, reps, percentages)!