New Morning Mercies Everyday (What is your prayer life like?)

New Morning Mercies Everyday (What is your prayer life like?)

This page is from “New Morning Mercies” by Paul David Tripp

Read this beautiful page and reflect! You are awesome and Jesus loves you! His mercies are new every morning you wake up. I will meet you again after at the bottom! 



          HI! What did you think about what was said above? I love this devotion; it has really helped me to grow in my faith, and I hope it does for you. It is a great tool to help your faith grow in new ways. Remember a carpenter uses many tools; so make sure you are praying, reading your bible, going to church, spending time with a loved one who really loves you! What goes in comes out, so yes it does matter the decisions you make!

          In the first paragraph, he tells us about the story of the boy's father who puts all this pressure on him to possibly be someone he isn’t. God does not want you to be someone you aren’t. He has blessed us with unique gifts and grace, so find them, grow them, and use them to grow his Kingdom in Heaven and not your me kingdom! You are good enough, and he loves you. It’s been done, so go out and do great things for the Lord and build people up!

         Next, he talks about prayer. I love it because it makes me reflect on my prayer life. I want to analyze and be the best I can with the time I am blessed with. What is your prayer life like? Use your time to pray for his will to be done in your lives. Don’t make it a personalized list of wants and needs that make you feel better or more secure. Trust in God and remember his hand is always upon his children even if it doesn’t feel like it. He is smarter, wiser, more loving, more caring, more gracious than all of us combined. Why wouldn’t you want him on your team and his will to be done in your life! Walk by faith not by sight. He says, “What I really want is for people, places, and things in my life to serve the glory of my comfort and satisfaction.” It's okay to pray about your job, marriage, family, and finances. Pray for his will to be done in these areas of your life, and remember you have to manage the middle. Put good things into your life to strengthen your job, marriage, family, and finances!

          You don’t have to be a king, you have been gifted one! Ask Jesus to fill in the areas in your heart that need him! Get the selfish gunk out to make room for the new. 

           We are in the construction business, not destruction. Build the world up for JESUS!!!