Lat Pull Low Row Combo Plate Loaded

Lat Pull Low Row Combo Plate Loaded

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The Wright Lat Low Row Combo machine is a great addition to your weight room.  While it is sleek and slender, it is a solid welded piece that will last through the ages.  We use the same upholstery on the seat and the thigh pads as we use on our benches to give you a comfortable but sturdy workout.   

Lat Pull

The Wright Lat Pull is a solid welded piece that is great for any weight room.  The slim design allows for maximum use of your space.  This Machine is a plate loaded option but can also be made to use a weight stack.  The Lat Pull will strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscles but can be very good for the entire back. 

Lat Pull Benefits

Latissimus Dorsi muscle, Shoulder Strength, Lower Back strength or rehab.  This machine can also be used for Tricep Push Down exercises.    

Low Row

For many years now, rowing has been considered a great exercise but strengthening the muscles involved with the rowing motion can have benefits for many other sports as well as general physical health.  Having a good tone back and shoulder never hurt anyone.  With this Low Row Combo option you can set the weight you want and then while seated on the floor using the foot plate, you can get in the proper position for the Row.  You can choose from the plate loaded style or you can get this model with a weight stack.   

Low Row Benefits 

Upper Body, Lower Body, can be used as a cardio exercise. 


  • Brand: Wright Equipment
  • Use: Lat Pull / Low Row / Tricep / Bicep
  • Material: 3"x2" 11ga steel
  • Foot Print: 30" x 60"
  • Height: 96"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Assembly Method: Weld Frame, Bolted Seat Adjustments
  • Cable:  2,000lbs
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Made in the USA: Yes


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