50 ft Hero-Hose (22-25 ft from anchor point) - Wright Equipment

50 ft Hero-Hose (22-25 ft from anchor point)

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Recycled firehose for the fitness minded. Each Hero-Hose is doubled lined with a cotton polyester blend- providing excellent durability. (cotton outer jacket/cotton polyester blend inner jacket) Because the Hero-Hose is laid flat vs circular, it provides a smoother workout and a more controlled movement. Hero-Hose has developed a new patent pending handle for the purpose to relieve pressure from the forearm and provide better hold/grip. These handles will also open up the creativity of new exercises that have not been done by the competition. Great for those that are really looking for the ultimate definition building workout. No more worries about a fraying rope...
  • Length: 50ft +-
  • Width: 4.5"
  • Weight: 33 lbs +-
  • Test Pressure: 250 psi
  • Burst Pressure: 500 psi 

Note: length, weight, and color may slightly vary, depending on firehose manufacturer.

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