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Wright Box Gym Timer

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Replacement Remote


Count Up/Count Down

Stopwatch Function

Tabata and FGB preset

Work/Rest Interval Programming

Round Indicator - Blue LED

Rest Indicator - Blue LED

100-Decibel Start/Stop Buzzer

Keyhole Wall Mount

Counting Up / Counting Down:

Press either "Up" or "Down" to begin

Press "S" (Set)

Display will begin to flash

Enter desired time and press "S" again

When ready, press "Start"


Tabata is a classic, high-intensity interval

timing sequence. The workout consist of

8 rounds, each :30 long, consiting of :20

of work and :10 of rest


Fight Gone Bad is a benchmark

Functional fitness workout that consists of 5 minutes work, follwed by 1 minute rest, repeated 3 times. 

The Athlete will perform repetitions at 5 stations, each for 1 minute,, looking to accumilate as many reps as possible through the 17 minute workout 

To utilize: 

Press "FGB" button

When ready, press "Start".

 Work/Rest Interval Programming

Timing Modes:

Cadence #1 = Work-Rest-Work-Rest-Repeat sequence as desired. 

Cadence #2 = Work-Work-Work-Rest. Repeat sequence as desired

To use either, you must first set your (Work, Rest, and # of Rounds)

 Setting Work/Rest/Rounds


Press "1" (Work "H1") 

Press "S" display should start flashing

Enter desired work time and press "S" again


Press "3" (Rest "H2")

Press "S" display should start flashing

Enter desired rest time and press "S" again


Press "R" (Repeat) for Cadence #1 (C1) this will set # of rounds.  Press "S" enter desired rounds press "S" again. Press Start from here to use Work-Rest-Work

Press "R" Repeat for Cadence #2 (C2) this is for number of work intervals for Work-Work-Rest.  Press "S" enter desired intervals, press "S" again.  Press Start from here to use Work-Work-Rest. 

 Setting the Time:

You have the option of displaying 12-hour clock, or 24-hour clock.  To Set time 

Press "4" repeat until 24 time is displayed. 

Press "S" when flashing enter the time in 24hr mode.  This will determine am or pm.  When finished press "S" again.  (2:30pm will enter as 14:30)

To display time in 12hr format.  press "4" again to display in 12hr format



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