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Alpha Plate

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The Alpha Plate by Tyler Zimmer.


The Alpha Plate is a multi functional rubber plate with bilateral cuts in the sides to help optimize movement patterns. The Alpha Plate also has handles on the face of the plate that allows the user to complete almost any exercise! The Alpha Plate comes available in a 10LB, 25LB, and a 45LB version.


Exercises that can be done with one Alpha Plate


Leg Exercises:


Squat Press

Pushback Lunge

Step back Lunge

Lateral Lunge

Wood Chop Lunges

Lunge to Press

Clean and Press



Bridge Variations

Plate Swing (Similar to KB Swing)


Chest Exercises:

Push Up Variations

Floor Press

Prayer Press



Tricep Exercises:

Skull Crushers

Floor Press

Close Grip Push Ups



Back Exercises:

Single Arm Row

Bent Over Row


Bicep Exercises:

Curl Variations

Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl to Press


Shoulder Exercises:

Overhead Press

Curl to Press

Lunge Press

 Squat Press

Upright Row

Front Raise

Front Raise Steering Wheels

Side Raise

Inverted Y Fly



Core Exercises:

Suitcase Crunches

Plate Punches

Single Leg Touch Touches

Single Leg Toe Touch Flutter Switch

Plate Twists

Plate Flutters

Plate Scissors

Tick Tocks

Weighted Planks

Suitcase Carry

Farmer Carry with 2 Plates

Overhead Carry

Front Rack Carry

Push Up Plank

Push Up Position Pull Through

Sit Up

Sit Up to Press

Sit Up to Eccentric Twist

Hollow Bottom Holds


Alpha Plates on a Barbell *Two alpha plates can be used or one with a regular bumper plate. Please be careful when using. Do not throw down or let go of barbell from heights. It is not fully round it may get damaged or kick the bar at you!

 Back Squat

Front Squat

Push Press

Lunge Variations



Single Leg RDL

Bent Over Rows

Curl Variation

Floor Press

Bench Press

 Close Grip Bench

Incline Bench

Decline Bench

High Pull

Hang Cleans *No Drop

Jump Shrugs


Rack Pulls


 Alpha Plate on a Landmine attachment

Bent Over Rows

Kneeling Lunge Press

Split lunge Press

Rainbows Swings

Single Leg RDL

Lunge Variations

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