Wright + Iron Tribe Fitness = A Fitness-Filled Partnership

In 2016, we partnered with the powerhouse fitness franchise, Iron Tribe Fitness(ITF), headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, as their official outfitter. We entered into this partnership as the first of its kind for both companies. We welcomed the opportunity and challenge to work with a franchise-based company that focuses equally on fitness & community.

Becoming an official outfitter meant that our mission would be to support the relationships of ITF with its members and franchisees. Every day we work to accomplish this through recognizing needs, solving problems, and finding ways to continuously innovate and develop essential products.

Through our relationship we have:

  • We have fully outfitted locations in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and South Carolina with high-quality functional fitness equipment, storage, and flooring
  • We have created options based on various layouts to maximize efficiency
  • We have supported events hosted by the corporation and individual franchisees
  • We have serviced and enhanced existing equipment by utilizing our manufacturing capabilities to maximize functionality and cost-savings, so ITF can focus on training with the confidence and quality they need

Together, we’re shaping a functional fitness community and a completely seamless solution to support a healthy lifestyle. Through our partnership, we hope many more of people can begin their fitness journey at Iron Tribe Fitness. This partnership is a match made in fitness heaven.