6 Bar Gun Rack

6 Bar Gun Rack

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Everyone is looking for a good way to save space when it comes to storing equipment and the barbell is one of the toughest to store.  Leaning the bar in the corner is not a good option for your safety or that of the bar.  The 6 Bar Gun Rack is a great way to store barbells and take up very little space. The bars will rest horizontal on the wall in this storage rack.  The distance apart can be set to desired position to store different size bars.  These racks are made form 7ga laser cut steel and CNC formed to make a one piece strong storage option for your bars. 
  • Made in America : Yes
  • Material : 7ga steel
  • Height : 24”
  • Weight : 15 lbs
  • Hardware : Mounting Hardware Not Included
  • Capacity : Single Set Barbell Rack Holds 6 Bars 

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