Everyday Warm Up

Everyday Warm Up

   The most important part of your workout should be an awesome warm-up! One that challenges your brain and gets your heart rate up. You are priming your body for movement and a lift!

   A good warm-up will get your blood flowing, which will increase nutrients delivered throughout the body. It wakes up your central nervous system, and gets your brain connected and firing! It will help excite the muscles and activate them allowing for optimal movement and performance. 

   Below is an easy to do warm-up you can do at home, in your hotel room, and at your gym! Try this warm-up before every lift! On off days try it first thing in the morning. This warm-up can be used as an awesome active recovery tool as well!                  



 Start by doing 100 jump ropes or bunny hops or 5 minutes of light Cardio

1. Dynamic Flex (5 to 10 yards a. down and then b. back)

1a. High Knees

1b. Walking Quad

2a. Butt Kickers

2b. Frankensteins

3a. Power Skips All the way down

3b. A Skip

4a. Hip Openers

4b. Hurdle Stretch switch ways half way

5a. Toe Scoops

5b. Toe Scoops

6a. Frankensteins


2. Lower Back/Hip Mobility

2a. Kneeling Superman Reach – 2 x 20 (10 each) * break the plane

2b. Kneeling Hip Circles – 2 x 20 (10 each)

2c. Prone Superman 2 x 10

Hip Mobility

2a. 90/90 Box Flow – 2x20 side to side (each touch is one)

2b. 4 way 90/90 hip stretch hold each way for 15 sec

 *hit a then b then c then repeat!


3. Band Activation Exercises/PVC Stretches/Big Band Stretch

*Use a PVC Mobility / Stick/PVC Pipe/Hockey Stick

3a. Front to back Overhead – 2x20

3b. Sorcerer Stretch – 2 x 20-30 sec

3c. Over Head Squat – 1 x 10


Mini Bands – Glute Activation (Bands around knees)

3a. Fire Hydrants - 2 x 12 each leg

3b. Donkey Kicks - 2 x 12 each leg

3c. Bridges with abduction - 2 x 10

Head over to this link to buy your mini bands for your glute work!



Big Band Stretch – use a towel or band

3a. Hips – across the body

3b. Groin – Away from the body - Adductor

3c. Hamstrings/Quads


Try doing your Medball and Core work prior to your lift!

Below is the link to buy your Med Balls!


4. Core/Med Ball Will be provided in the 4-week blocks! Go check out training programs for your monthly workouts!