Wright in Shanghai? Yes, it's true!

rebook crossfit gym in shanghai outfitted with Wright Equipment

Every day, we work with businesses all across the U.S. to get their facilities up and running. Whether it's an employee gym, a Crossfit box, or something in between, we provide our customers with a facility that is ready for a hardcore workout! This summer we had a great opportunity to expand our work with a facility more than 5000 miles away from our headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.

Wright worked with MeWellness, Shanghai's first official Reebok CrossFit Gym. MeWellness is a team focused on providing instruction in areas such as Olympic weightlifting, yoga and Crossfit to people of all ages. These classes promote weight loss, muscle gain, and overall fitness.

We're ecstatic to share our products with everyone with because we truly believe we can provide a great quality product without breaking the bank. Working with Murat Erbaytan, Director & Head Coach, is a dream come true for a company whose mission began by providing better equipment to local high school athletes. Now we're providing better equipment to facilities across the world to support their exercise, health, and fitness goals.

Wright is growing every day and we want to thank each of you for your support, locally and abroad!

Are you thinking about starting a gym or box? Does your company facility need upgrading? Are your students ready for equipment to help them reach their full potential?

Explain your needs to us through email at wright@wright-equipment.com and our team will reach out with a solution for your weight room. Also, don't forget to sign-up for our email list and see our newest installations as they happen.

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