It's been some time since our blog has been active. At Wright, we're constantly looking for ways to get better! One of these areas we're making strides in is driving traffic to our website by using social media and having the best content on the web. We have an incredible team here at Wright Equipment. To further help achieve our goals, we've joined forces with Matt Trammel. That's me, so allow me to stop referring to myself in the third person... the goal of this first blog is to put a story behind the name and picture. 

I'm currently an Associate Pastor in a small town in Ohio named Mansfield. I was raised in a town 30 minutes away from Mansfield where my dad was a pastor of a large Baptist church for almost thirty years. Growing up, I was either playing a sport or in church. In high school, I played five sports and went on to play two sports in college. I felt the call to ministry as a teenager, but the thought of being a third generation pastor did not appeal to me even a little bit. So I decided to pursue fitness and finished college with a degree in Exercise Science. Over the next several years, I worked at big gyms, small gyms, helped high school football and basketball programs, and everything else in between. It was during this time that I met my beautiful wife, Annie, who always pushed me to be the very best version of who I was meant to be. In this process, I finally stopped running from my calling to ministry, went back to school and finished with my Master's degree in Theology. I've now been in full-time ministry for seven years. I've been married 12 years and have been blessed with four kids; Abraham (10), Ella (7), Mackenzie (4), and Elijah (2).

The Bible and the body are what I know! Don't ask me about insurance, investing, real estate, or economics. Jesus, lifting, and fitness are my passions. I'm currently training for my very first sanctioned powerlifting meet in April. My squat and deadlift are 700+ and my bench is somewhere in the mid 400's... all at a body weight of 250 "ish" pounds! Follow me on Instagram @matttrammel96 to be a part of the journey. 

My goal for these weekly blogs is to educate, encourage, and excite you in all areas of your life! We'll cover a myriad of topics... physical/spiritual fitness, new training methods, new products, strength coach wisdom, new installs, and any other topics you may want to discuss. It is so nice to meet you and I look forward to partnering with you on this crazy journey we call life!

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    Hey Matt! It’s great to meet you (at least through this Blog). I am the COO at HomeFit Consulting. We are a team of multidisciplinary Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Health Coaches and Nutritionists. We specialize in helping busy professionals optimize their wellbeing. We provide in-home personal training, virtual training and online training. We started here in Birmingham and have expanded into Huntsville, Nashville, Cincinnati and Rome, GA. We are laying the groundwork to also expand into Tampa. But, in Birmingham, I send all of my clients to Wrights Equipment for their in-home equipment. My husband has been purchasing his equipment since he was in high school (and we are now in our 50’s). I say all that to say this…we’d love to do any kind of collaboration with Wrights Equipment you might like. We have a pretty large following on social media and would love to help Wrights. Let me know if you’d like to chat about some opportunities. Our website is HomeFitConsulting.com if you’d like to check us out first. Thanks and have a blessed day!!

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