The Wright Partnership: Wright Equipment Inks Deal With Iron Tribe Fitness

iron tribe fitness gym and wright equipment rig

Wright Equipment, a leader in providing made-in-US fitness equipment, has become the first official partner of the Birmingham-based Iron Tribe Fitness. Iron Tribe Fitness and Wright Equipment have a relationship dating back to 2010 when their first gym was outfitted. Since then both companies have grown exponentially. Iron Tribe has opened more than 40 locations and Wright has expanded their USA-Made product offerings and excelled in sales beyond the local and Southeast markets.

In the Iron Tribe Fitness press release, President Jim Cavale stated, “The Wright partnership allows us to potentially offer equipment packs for athletes so they can workout at home or on vacation.” Cavale also went on to discuss their annual event, Tribal Wars, a new endeavor for Wright.

Wright Equipment Director of Operations, Kris Strickland, echoes Cavale in his excitement for the partnership. "As the Director of Operations, it is my responsibility to take the company to the next level. I believe having a partnership like this creates a great opportunity to grow the brand locally and abroad while working with people just as passionate as we are about weightlifting, CrossFit, and overall heath and fitness," says Strickland.

The partnership will be in action for Tribal Wars, June 10th and 11th. Subscribe to our blog and add us on your favorite social media channels to keep up with the latest.

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