The Wright Ambassador: Lindsay Sport

lindsay sport wright ambassador athlete

We've been searching for the Wright ambassador for months now. We put our ideal ambassador specifications online in September of last year and we've been seeing applications every month from all over the United States. Finding an ambassador was not an easy task. We've received over 70 applicants who all had unique backgrounds and qualifications before choosing Lindsay. Lindsay is from our great state of Alabama and a perfect first ambassador! We're planning on adding more ambassadors later this year so feel free to fill out an application if you haven't already. Then keep reading to learn a little more about Lindsay!

  • Name: Lindsay Sport
  • Age: 31
  • Weight:140
  • Height:5'5"
  • Hometown: Luverne, Alabama
  • Occupation: Co-Owner CrossFit Laminin and Head Coach
  • Favorite Supplements: Amino Energy and Creatine
  • Favorite Wright Products: Wright Barbell and Wright Dballs
  • Favorite WOD: "Amanda"- Muscle Ups and Snatches
  • When did you begin CrossFit? In 2014
  • Why did you start CrossFit? I always love to have something to work towards. I work best with goals and competition. I was competing in figure competitions and I needed a little more. I wanted to spend time working towards something I could control and dictate outcomes in competition. While competing in figure, I didn't like that my performance was based on someone else's opinion.
  • What motivates you? I have always been self-motivated to do my best at everything. I have always put the pressure on myself. June 206, 2 weeks after I competed at regionals, I had an accident and broke my neck and back. I couldn't walk for 2 weeks! I never thought I would be back at the level of fitness currently. I competed for the first time since then in January! My comeback, my story, and the impossible motivates me.

Lindsay's Stats: 

  • Barbell stats: Squat-305
  • Clean & Jerk: 215
  • Snatch:170
  • Deadlift: 340
  • Places You’ve Competed- South East Regional 2015, Atlantic Regional 2016- 6th place Team, Wodapalooza 2017, & several WODLife and Garage Games local competitions

We're super excited about this and we look forward to all the experience and inspiration Lindsay has to offer. Check out Lindsay as she takes over our Instagram for the first time on Friday, February 16th! 


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