The 3B Bearing Bar Gets Bearings & Picks Up Steam

The 3B Bearing Bar Gets Bearings & Picks Up Steam

We've been pretty excited about the 3B Barbell Collection since we sat down and came up with the idea. Mainly because this barbell aligns with our goal to make high-quality fitness equipment available to everyone. This bar was created with the garage gym owner in mind.  We created two different models— a bearing version and a bushing version. We talk about them in the video by our Director of Operations and General Manager, Kris Strickland.

The bushing bar was created and released before our bearing bar. The bearing bar launch has been riddled with questions, many that are hard for us to answer. Luckily, we have people like Joel Te from As Many Reviews As Possible that can compare our barbell to others on the market. Joel Te describes the Wright 3B Bearing Bar as the BEST bang for your BUCk which makes us quite happy because that's the goal!

Check out the review from Joel Te on his YouTube channel, As Many Reviews As Possible.

Truth is, there aren't any contenders on the market that compete on all specs of this barbell. Particularly the diameter, bearings, or Cerakote shaft.

YouTube comments about Wright 3B bearing barbells

But of course, preferences are preferences. We know you'll make the "Wright" decision.

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