Thank You and Announcement

Thank You and Announcement

This post is short but very important. We've got a thank you and an announcement.

Thank You

We want to take time to thank everyone who came out to support #TheWrightYardSale. We enjoyed meeting you guys and giving out some great deals. The event was filled with people from all over who have a passion for fitness and on the hunt for some great equipment. Again, thank you for your support! We hope to have more opportunities like this later this year.


We are changing our hours of operation for Saturdays. We will only open on the first Saturday of every month from 9AM-2PM.

  • 4/7/18
  • 5/5/18
  • 6/2/18
  • 7/7/18
  • 8/4/18
  • 9/1/18
  • 10/6/18
  • 11/3/18
  • 12/1/18

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