Switching to Rock Bottom Pricing & The Truth About Shipping

Switching to Rock Bottom Pricing & The Truth About Shipping

Shipping is an idea we always struggle with! It's pretty difficult because as much as customers do not like to spend on shipping, we don’t particularly care to pay for it. However, we have to have some method of getting items to our customers all over the world. We work with carriers to negotiate the best prices and from there everything is autopilot. Also, it doesn't help that many of the items we sell are pretty heavy. 

Over the past 3 years of selling online, we’ve gone back and forth with free shipping, flat rate shipping, and carrier-calculated shipping.

Everyone loves free shipping but free shipping isn’t truly free. To prevent going into too much detail, since this isn’t an e-commerce blog, the truth is carrier-calculated shipping makes the most sense right now.

While we sell all over the world and we are hoping to grow every day, we sell a lot regionally. Most of our orders come from the east side of the country and an even larger percentage in the South. Instead of overcharging our customer in places like Georiga and Florida to make up for what we sell to California and Washington state, we allow each and every customer to pay based on where they are located. Since every customer pays their own shipping, we have taken our prices to something we call rock bottom. This is the lowest price we can have the item without taking a loss.

Frustrated with shipping? We have a couple of tips for you.

  • Order in bulk or order with friends- once an order reaches a certain weight, it has to ship on a pallet via our freight carrier. However, it takes quite a bit of product to fill a pallet. Next time you're ordering, ask a friend if they need something!
  • Sign up for our email list- while we rarely discount shipping, because remember the cost is the true cost, sometimes our inventory levels or our cost of materials allow us to give discounts! That way, although you are paying the same shipping cost, you're paying even less on already low prices!
  • Pickup in the store- Obviously, this doesn't work for everyone but if you're not too far away, take a trip to Birmingham, Alabama. The city has been receiving raving reviews for the past few years for all the great restaurants and the city is rich with history, so stop by and see us (8-5 during the week and 9-2 on Saturdays) then grab a bite to eat!

We hope this helps & we'll be sure to let you know if we find a better solution. Feel free to leave comments or questions below. 

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