New Year, Better Wright

new year new goals for fitness equipment company

It’s that time again.

The time when the phrase “new year, new me” starts to float around. It’s probably one of the most popular statuses on Facebook or captions on Instagram during this time of the year. Like so many others, after ending a wonderful 2016, we have to look forward to the new year and set our sights on new goals. While we look forward to change, new opportunities and growth, we find it a little silly to say “new year, new me.” We’ve stayed in business since 1979 by doing equipment the “wright” way, so why would we want to change that? Instead, new year, better wright aligns with what we’re thinking.

So how are we going to get better?

More Product Development- We work hard to create and manufacture our current selection of products but we have many more ideas. We’re putting innovation and product development at the forefront. We want to keep putting out innovative products like the Wright Lean Garage Rack

Better Online Shopping Experience-Having an e-commerce site is still fairly new for us (we’ve only been selling online since 2014).  We still have a lot to learn. We’re working hard to make you experience better by optimizing our site for any device so the text and images aren’t running off the screen. We’re adding more photos and specifications so you will know how long, how tall, how wide and how heavy without having to ask. What if you still have a question? We’re also adding live chat just in case you need to ask.

More engagement-Whether it’s being active on social media or getting out in the community, we want to engage with you! The only way we can get to know our customer’s needs better is to get out and talk to them. So say high to us on social!

What do you think? Is there anything else we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

We're looking to an amazing 2017 with great customers like you!


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