Fall into Fitness

Goodbye summer, fall has arrived!

Fall is often associated with turning over a new leaf. It marks the end of the summer, begins a new school year, and includes quite a few holidays. It's unofficially the time of the year that many people recognize as the "last chance" to get things right before the new year. Now is a great time to fall into a fitness routine. Why wait until the new year to begin? Get started now. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Grab a beginner's package. Our W-1 package includes a Wright USA V3 barbell and a set of Wright USA crumb rubber bumper plates if you're looking to get into weightlifting. This package is the best bang for your buck!
  • Grab a few resistance bands. We offer larger bands that are great for strength training and bodyweight exercises. We also have the mini bands, a smaller version of resistance bands, that can help with mobility. Just a beginner? Head to YouTube for some amazing tutorials on how to get started.
  • Grab a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells, also known as free weights, are a great intro to weightlifting. Dumbbells give athletes an opportunity to work on strength, stability, and coordination before heading towards the barbells. Dumbbells are just as effective at building and toning muscle as some of the other equipment. They're also affordable! and don't take up nearly as much space as a barbell & bumper plate set.

So are you ready to take the plunge into fitness this fall? Let us know what you're going to do to get started in the comment section below.

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