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We believe having a home gym is complementary to a lifestyle of fitness and health. There are quite a few reasons to work out at a commercial gym, CrossFit box, or any other type of class/facility. Gathering with people with common interests, more equipment variety, and accountability derived from cost and community can all serve a purpose for an athlete to get out of the house and head to the gym.

However, working out at home provides a few things a gym doesn’t. While the start-up cost can be higher, the long-term benefit is definitely savings. Working out at home is usually seamless in a person’s schedule because there’s no commute or hours of operation plus the equipment is always available. Above all, having a garage gym allows you to tailor your gym to your likes and needs.

Whether you want a home gym to take charge of your physical fitness or practice before you head to another week of classes, here are 4 items you can add to your garage gym to get fit in 2018.


3B Barbell

The 3B barbell collection was created JUST for this reason. Many garage gym owners are looking to begin their gym at a low cost. We created the 3B barbell collection with that in mind. Why spend an unnecessary amount when you have grab a barbell for under $200? The 3B barbell comes in bushing and bearing for those needing the extra spin and still comes at the high-quality of being made in the USA.


Bumper Plates

What’s having a bar without plates? Bumper plates are an essential piece of equipment you need after a barbell. We offer many styles of bumper plates to choose from. If you’re looking for long-lasting, high-quality, and USA made, you can grab Wright USA crumb rubber bumper plates. If you’re wanting a thinner and more economical plate, there are Wright Econ weight plates. Choosing between those two is most likely for garage gym owners looking to save. However, we also offer elite competition plates that are made with IWF specifications in mind, rubber grip olympic plates, old-fashioned iron grip olympic plates, technique plates, fractional plates, color-coded bumper plates, and even 100LB monster plates to choose from.


Resistance Bands

We’re big fans of resistance bands. Resistance bands are great for strength and conditioning. They support so many different body movements. They are also one of the more affordable pieces of equipment.


Garage Rack, Squat Rack or Pull Up Bar

Wright has several USA made garage rack options for adding a rack into your garage. The lean garage rack, elite lean garage rack, Wright Pro garage rack, and so many more!



Almost anything you can think of, you can add it to your gym if you’d like. It’s really all about you. Jump ropes, wall balls, kettlebells, cardio equipment, anything!


Can't figure out what you want? Give us a call we'd love to help you figure out how to build a garage gym with Wright! 

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  • Brian

    The picture you used is actually my garage gym. We’ve added a few more things since that was taken. It was the best investment we’ve made! Our family uses it almost daily. I’m very happy with the products we bought from Wright Equipment.

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