The Wright Equipment in the "Wright" Colors

The Wright Equipment in the

We love a lot about springtime. The weather is just one of those things. We also love how bright colors are everywhere. So this blog is all about color!

Before we start we're going to give our disclaimer, colored items are just that! They don't have any extra functionality. We know that. So if you don't care about nice, shiny things, this post won't appeal to you. Every product isn't for everyone, we totally understand.

But if you're anything like us, while solid black and silver items are good to start out with, the better we get, the more videos we shoot, we like upgrading to colored items. Not only are colored items great for competitions and knowing weight conversions (since most companies including us follow the same color guidelines) BUT they look amazing!

Here's a pretty good list of our colored items.



For barbells, we've upgraded our V3 bar to be our most colorful, while all of our barbells are coated in Cerakote, our V3 barbells come in a variety of colors. The Cerakote Barbells (20 & 15KG) are available in grey, blue, orange, green, red, purple and forest green.


It is very common for plates to have color. We have color economy plates, color crumb rubber bumper plates, and color elite plates. Our economy rubber bumper plates are available in green (25LB), yellow (35LB), and blue (45LB). Our color crumb bumper plates are available in grey (10LB),  green (25LB), yellow (35LB), blue (45LB), and red (55LB). Our elite plates are available in black with colored writing and colored with white writing. They are available in green (25LB), yellow (35LB), and blue (45LB).

Garage racks

Our elite and lean garage racks come in red and blue but we can powder coat this rack in almost any color you want! Custom color takes a little longer and has an upcharge associated with it but the possibilities are completely endless when it comes to what color you want! 

Other Items

While barbells, bumper plates, and garage racks are our most popular products, we have plenty of other items that are colored including resistance bands, strongman logs, lockjaw collars, TGA collars, and more. There's also plenty of products that have colored logos but aren't 100% in that color like kettlebells and medicine balls. 

There's something for everyone! 

Wait... I didn't see a color I wanted. We can't make everything in every color but if the color you're interested in isn't there, let us know. We're constantly adding to our collection so we'd love to know what color you're interested in. Even better? We have custom options available*.

So start shopping and add some color to your garage today. 

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