Are you a Grace Giver or a Grace Killer?

Are you a Grace Giver or a Grace Killer?

Anxiety is real, and all of us at some point have dealt with anxiety and its effects on a day. We are so busy in our days that it is easy to create scenarios that may never happen. Slow down, and seek good resources to help combat these worrisome thoughts and feelings!


DID YOU KNOW that the most highlighted book on kindle is THE BIBLE! The most highlight passage is Philippians 4:6-7 is the most highlights scripture.


Rejoice in God in all things. Whether good or bad, Paul is saying that you can find a blessing in everything. God is always near, and when we do our part to connect with him, he will fill us with the spirit of Jesus! This is real! Try by starting each morning with a prayer and read a paragraph in your bible. Ask him to fill you with his spirit for the day! Over time with consistency, you will change your heart, and thought processes! POWER of PERSPECTIVE!




Things to work on daily!!!


  1. Be more gentle! Grace is given through Jesus. If God gives you grace daily, weekly, monthly, always… then I think you can be more gracious to everyone and anyone in your day!


  1. Pray and read your bible


  1. Put good things in! STOP TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE and things that cause division.


  1. Water, food, sleep, and Jesus loves you!